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Crayon Rocks 16 Colors in a Muslin Bag


Invented and manufacture by Barbara Lee, a US teacher of 23 years, Crayon Rocks are simply the best coloring tool for young children! They are designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children, preparing fingers and hands for handwriting. Unlike stick crayons that allow kids to grip in a closed fist, Crayon Rocks encourages a proper pencil grip. They are vibrantly colored and make beautifully textured artwork similar to oil pastels. These all-natural soy wax crayons are made from USA grown soybeans and colored with non-toxic pigment powders.


Crayon Rocks are washable, non-toxic, lead free, vegan, solid blocks of crayons that conforms to both US and European safety standards. Best for children ages 3-8 to develop their tripod grip, a grip needed for good handwriting skills. Crayon Rocks hold the same volume as a regular crayon stick, just in a compact size.

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Where are they made? Crayon Rocks were first made in a garage in La Crescenta, California, mixing the colors in small batches and forming them in hand-made molds. And then a couple of engineering nerds (Edwin and Andrew) from Stanford University School of Engineering in San Francisco built Barbara (the inventor and owner) a machine which they named Daisy. She spits out 14,000 crayons a day with only a little supervision from her dedicated handler. And in 2010 Crayon Rocks moved from the hustle and bustle of California to the quiet rural peace of Kentucky Amish farm country. Now they work in a beautiful 4,000 square foot shop that my exceedingly wonderful Plain People neighbors built for Barbara at the bottom of her hill in Hestand.

They are 1 ¾ inch by ¾ inch by ¾ inch. About the same volume as a stick crayon just compact. Larger than a quarter ($.25) but smaller than a fifty cent ($.50) piece.

What are they made of? Most crayons are made of petroleum paraffin wax. Crayon Rocks are made from U.S.A. grown and processed soy wax. Crayon Rocks combine this wax with other plant waxes and a variety of non-toxic powdered pigments to create beautiful colors. They use a natural ground rock to give the crayons their body. This creates a crayon that goes on smooth and blends easily and is, in many ways, much like an oil pastel.