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JBK Pottery Pot Minder


Are you a multi-tasker in the kitchen? The JBK Pot Minder is ideal for reducing those messy boilovers. Simply place the Pot Minder in the bottom of the pot when cooking or warming pasta, soups, potatoes, vegetables, or milk. The unique ceramic material and product design modify bubble formation when boiling begins. The disk also chatters on the bottom of the pot as boiling becomes more intense.

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Your ceramic Pot Minder will help prevent pots from boiling over when cooking. Simply place the Pot Minder in the bottom of the pot when cooking or warming pasta, soups, vegetables, or milk or boiling eggs. 

When the water begins to boil, the Pot Minder will begin to chatter in the bottom of the pot. If you prefer, when the Pot Minder begins to chatter, you can remove it and turn the heat down.

When asked “How does this work?” I like to respond “They work very well” It is true, and you should find out for yourself how well these work.

Product measures: 2.3 × 2.3 × 0.4 in

Made in USA

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How does a ceramic pot minder work?

The Pot Minder reduces boiling and decreases bubble formation. The pot minder will also chatter on the bottom of the pan when you reach a full boil (audibly reminding you to turn down the temperature). Water can not get hotter than 210 degrees at sea level, excess heat escapes as water vapor. Turning down the temperature also saves excess heat and energy cost.

Approx 2.3” in diameter and .4” thick

Prevent messy boil overs with the JBK Pottery Pot Minder
Safe and easy to use – may be used over and over Ceramic — Heat Resistant
Prevents frustration of cleaning messy stovetops after spill overs
Keeps liquids – milk, water, etc… -in pots/pans from boiling over on the stove.
Pot minder is also known as Pot Watcher & Milk Watcher ( Pot Minder ceramic disc )