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Austin Air’s® System Bedroom Machine

Austin Air’s® System Bedroom Machine

Santa's Naturals Candle Sampler Mini Trio

Santa's Naturals Candle Sampler Mini Trio

Tipsee Light Handi-Lite


The multifunctional Handi-Light gives you light on the go. Simply snaps onto tools, pipes, canes, paint brush, paint roller and a multitude of other items! For jobs in dark, tight places, Handy-Lite can snap or hang on and shine clean, bright light where you need to work. On a paint roller, Handy-Lite shines on the dark ceiling or wall surface. Another great use is to snap Handy-Lite right on a paint brush and light all those dark corners for that perfect "cut-in".

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Tip See Lights Handi-Lite

Dog lovers make good use of Handy-Lite for night walks and cleaning up what dogs leave behind. DESIGNED with Stiff PolyCarb because it will still flex but Snap and Hold On TIGHT! HIGH INTENSITY WHITE 100L CREE LED CHIP Hours of run time from a single AA battery Replaceable AA Battery included 

TipSee Light Company was established in 2010 in Rochester, New York. It is owned and operated by wife and husband team; Tricia LaBuzetta, CEO and Steve LaBuzetta, inventor and Product Development Manager.  They are committed to building their business in the United States with manufacturing and office headquarters in the Rochester, New York area.

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Assembled in USA with foreign and domestic parts